Anti "Chop Shop" Tips

Adding layers of protection may help prevent your car from being stolen and winding up in a "chop shop."

That's because the more layers of protection you put between your vehicle and would-be thieves, the tougher your car is to steal.

According to The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), which publishes its annual Lists of Most Commonly Stolen Cars and Auto Theft Areas in the United States, "layers" include warning systems, immobilizing devices, tracking mechanisms, and, of course, common sense.

Layers may also include a simple tool such as a car cover. As one of the first and most obvious deterrents thieves notice, car covers help keep a vehicle and its interior, including a stereo, packages and other valuables, out of sight.

The average thief probably wouldn't risk the extra time needed to remove a car cover, and would move on to an easier target. Every passing minute increases his risk of getting caught. Taking the time to remove a car cover increases his risk even further.

Thieves tend to go after America's best-selling cars, which run the gamut from sedans and mini-vans to sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and pickup trucks. Among the areas that are hardest hit by auto theft, are portal cities and places near the Canadian and Mexican borders.

However, owners of older model vehicles should also take heed. Thieves often take vehicles for parts that are no longer manufactured or are otherwise hard to find. Unlike the overall value of a vehicle itself, auto parts often become more valuable as they age.

"Chop shops" offer profitable outlets for thieves to sell and dispose of stolen parts, which are often in high demand by "tuners" or street racers, popularized by recent movies. These illicit chop shops disassemble cars and sell them piece-by-piece, perhaps leaving the car untraceable.

In addition to security benefits, car covers protect a vehicle's appearance when made from today's high-tech fabrics, such as the Block-It line of fabrics from Kimberly-Clark. Car covers block damage from rain and moisture, and provide enhanced protection from nicks, dings and scratches. They also help prevent cracking and warping of interior vinyl and plastic components such as dashboards by blocking sun and high heat.

For more information on protecting your car with a car cover made of Block-It Fabrics from Kimberly-Clark, visit

Even a simple car cover can make a thief think twice before stealing your car.

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