Mortgages, Real Estate & Housing

What to do when you need a mortgage right away.
How to fix and repair your next house for big profits
Why spending money on home improvements pays off
What to do with your mortgage when you lose your job.
Variable or fixed rate? Long or short term? How to decide

What you can do to improve your cash flow situation with your home
Forgetting anything? Remember all the big and little things you need to do

What you can do to improve your cash flow situation with your home
Make your house more appealing from the road
Don't pay more for what you don't need
How important is it really to do a title search?
How to get prepared before the high interest rates hit
Steps to prevent forclosure when the bills stack up What you can do if you are facing forclosure
Now is the time to get your budget back on track
Special help for seniors having trouble affording higher energy costs on a fixed budget Chose your renovations smartly if you want to get your money out of them
Pre-forclosure investments are making money for many
How you can buy fixer-uppers and resell them for a profit
Does mortgage insurance offer protection?

What "Duties After Loss" is required to file your house insurance claim?
Did you realize the importance of this clause in your house insurance contract?

What you need to know about home equity loans

Don't assume that you are covered in the event of a natural disaster

All about land title insurance in your closing costs

Whether you need furniture, linens, or kitchen stuff

Things to think about and know before you purchase

Purchasing your dream home just got easier

Purchasing a house when you have not saved a down payment

Finding a company that ofeers to gift your down payment

If you are looking for home that is forclosing, surprisingly, eBay is the place to be

Your realtor can be a source of valuable information
Imagine receiving your complete down payment as a free gift - with this program you can
Deciding on choosing an ARM

Can this really be done to save mortgage interest?

Getting the most money out of your house for sale

Helps those who find high downpayments and closing costs a significant obstacle to owning a new house

There are options for those with bad credit reports

Home mortgages 101 for beginners

A new program with a low down payment option
Getting brished up on the latest

What to do when your interest rate goes up
Receiving your down payment as a gift, which does not need to be repaid
How to know if you are choosing wisely

Why real estate is a good investment

Which is the best payment option for you?
Do you know the eight questions you should be asking?
Avoiding the too-big or too-little mistake

A flexible equity loan

Why pre-approval helps

For all those problems you discover after the deal is done

A choice for low and middle income earners

Can you beat the market?

Not always

Get up to speed on acronyms and terms

How unbundling can save you thousands or more

Simple repairs you can do yourself

Real estate is hotter than stocks

Why you should think this through carefully before signing

Tips to follow in your quest for a new home
The reasons behind refinancing mortgages

The pros and cons of each

A coat of paint goes a long way

What are the options when shopping for your mortgage

Give yourself the upperhand

Simple repairs you can do yourself

What you should and shouldn't be paying for

It may be easier than you think

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