Theft Prevention Tips for Your Vehicle

Don't Make It Easy For Car Thieves

Want to make your vehicle less attractive to car thieves?

Hint Number One: The quicker a car thief can steal your vehicle, the more attractive it is. If it is just sitting there, windows open, with no visible signs of self defense, it might not be there when you return.

Anything you can do to slow down potential car thieves, say the auto insurance experts at GEICO, may make your vehicle that much less appealing. Here are some tips for drivers to help them protect their cars:

• Have your car's vehicle identification number (VIN) etched on each of the windows. Car thieves want to get off cheap. They don't want to go to the expense of replacing all the glass.

• Install vehicle tracking devices. Thieves are reluctant to steal vehicles if they know the cars can be recovered very quickly. These types of devices often pinpoint the stolen vehicle within minutes.

• Install a mechanism that locks onto the steering wheel. It can be a very visible sign that you've taken steps to protect your vehicle. There are also more subtle steering wheel locks to consider.

• Also very effective are engine cutoff/fuel cutoff switches that prevent the car from being started. It's worth exploring.

• Never leave your car running unattended-that includes running into the store for something quick and it includes warming up the car in winter.

And don't overlook the simple, day-to-day precautions that should be second nature:

• Lock your vehicle every time you leave it.

• Park in attended lots.

• Close all windows completely when parked.

• Park with the wheels turned curbside to make the car more difficult to tow.

• Do not leave registration or title in the car. (Too often a car thief is pulled over and gets away from the police because he or she can produce the auto registration. Carry it in your wallet or purse. If multiple drivers use the vehicle, hide the registration in a secret location in the car that only the owners know.)

• Do not leave valuables in plain sight.

For more auto safety information, go to and click on Safety Brochures and Videos.

Taking precautions can help make your vehicle less attractive to car thieves.

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