Important Personal Finance Facts for Women

Did you know that women represent the world's largest economy, influencing 83 percent of all U.S. consumer purchases, represent a majority of the management and professional positions, and earn 60 percent of the college degrees? Still, many don't feel confident in their knowledge of financial matters and look for no-nonsense information to guide them. This basic financial information is available in a brochure, "Real Facts About Money For WomenSM" created by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

Whether you're married, single or divorced...whether you have kids, a job, a business or inheritance, whatever your income or age, these facts are important:

Fact #1: Women in the U.S. are living longer.

Fact #2: Women in the U.S. are not protected against death as well as men.

Fact #3: The probability of experiencing a long-term disability or nursing home stay is much greater than the probability of dying without a long-term illness.

Fact #4: A large part of the financial impact faced by widows occurs BEFORE the spouse's death.

Fact #5: During most of your lifetime, the annual rate of inflation has always been positive, which means that purchasing power keeps declining.

Fact #6: For years, college costs in the U.S. have been rising faster than general inflation.

Fact #7: If you systematically save money in retirement plans over many years, you can potentially accumulate well over $1 million by the time you retire.

Fact #8: Women of all ages should have a written will that expresses their wishes in the event of death or incapacity. Many women should also consider other estate-planning techniques, including living wills, gifts and trusts.

Fact #9: Life insurance pays a death benefit to a beneficiary that is generally tax-free for federal income tax purposes.

Fact #10: For married couples, the greatest estate tax burden often falls on the estate of the second spouse to die. Statistically, this is more likely to be the woman.'P>Visit The Women's Channel at for information on the new "Real Facts About Money for WomenSM" brochure, "Real Facts About Money for WomenSM" women's financial seminars, Guardian's Girls Going Places scholarship program and entrepreneurship conferences, alliances with national women's organizations, and much more!

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