Budget Shopping for the Environment

Buying recycled is more important than many people think, and is now much easier than most people realize.

By incorporating these simple recycling tips, consumers can help "close the loop" on recycling and extend the celebration of America Recycles Day from one day to every day:

Screen for green. Scan shelf labels to locate products that are environmentally friendly-such as products packaged in 100 percent recycled paperboard. More than half of all boxed products on store shelves are packaged in 100 percent recycled paperboard and carry the 100 percent recycled paperboard symbol. These products are easy to find on the shelf-just look for the symbol.

Buy recycled. The paper you recycle today-newspapers, corrugated boxes, magazines and mixed office and residential papers-may turn out to be the cereal, cookie and detergent boxes on supermarket shelves tomorrow. To make the most of paper recycling activities buy recycled.

Take a stand. Ask local retailers to stock more products from recycled materials and display them prominently in their stores. If your favorite product does not have recycled content or is not packaged in recycled materials, call the manufacturer and tell them about your concerns.

Be smart. At least half of what we dispose of is recyclable. If we rethink what we buy and take responsibility for what we dispose of, we can conserve our resources, extend the life of our landfills and leave a cleaner planet for future generations.

Every time you buy recycled it makes a difference to the environment. Log onto www.rpa100.com for more information about buying recycled.

More and more products are being packaged in recycled materials, so it pays to look for them on store shelves.

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