Giving the Gift of Education

There are several steps you can take to help the young people in your life along the road to a good education. Here are a few suggestions from experts:

Reading - Read to your children both long before you think they can understand it and long after they learn to read themselves. Read to yourself as well. If youngsters see you enjoying books, newspapers and magazines, they'll see it as something they want to do.

Writing - It's also wise to show them you like to write: letters, bread-and-butter notes, messages in the lunch box. To help them practice their penmanship, have your children write out the family shopping list, list the gifts they want for their birthdays and write their own thank you notes.

Arithmetic - Ask your child's help when cooking with measuring or adjusting ingredients. Have children determine what the bill will be when you shop or eat out.

Recess -- Give them something smart to play with. Perhaps the smartest gifts are educational materials, including toys, imaginative games, children's story books, children's activity books, science and nature kits, and arts and crafts. Uncommon items for every age, grade, and skill level can be found at Parent-Teacher stores. These items can stimulate learning using creativity and fun. The educational supply stores typically stock about 10,000 different items specially selected to help children enjoy a whole lifetime of learning. Products are selected based on quality, teacher and parent demand, value, packaging, and price. The stores specialize in merchandise that is not sold by mass market superstores and that has true educational value to help children learn.

You can also access a variety of activity and learning toys for all ages at

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