Money Saving Tips for College Students

A frequently heard lament among parents of college students is “How are we going to pay for all this stuff?” A recently completed study by Multimedia Research of parents and students offers these interesting money-saving suggestions.

• Spending money from parents: Send only on the first of the month so students learn to budget to have funds left at the month’s end.

• Meals: Don’t choose your college’s expensive three-meal-a-day option. Most students skip one meal a day and dine out with friends.

Computers: PC manufacturers offer students discounts at college bookstores. Check out fully warranted, refurbished machines from companies such as Dell.

Printers: Laser machines are available for under $100, so students should have one for quality reports. Save up to 90 percent on replacing empty toner cartridges by buying fill-it-yourself toner refill kits.

Textbooks: Buy used texts from other students or online but get the right editions.

Prepaid charge cards for emergencies: Just contact

Parent visiting: Attend Parent Weekend the first year, then reassess if visiting your student at another time (when hotel prices are not at a premium).

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