How to Spot College Scholarship Scams

There’s no escaping the fact that college costs are rising. Many families rely on scholarships, loans and grants to afford the cost of a college education. They need to be on the lookout when considering scholarship opportunities. Each year, families fall prey to fraudulent companies and the scholarship and financial aid scams they peddle.

These telltale lines can help you spot a scam:

“The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.”

“You can’t get this information anywhere else.”

“I just need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship.”

“We’ll do all the work.”

“The scholarship will cost some money.”

“You’ve been selected by a ‘national foundation’ to receive a scholarship” or “You’re a finalist” in a contest you never entered.

Luckily, members of the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) have access to a legitimate scholarship program that is available especially for them. The award-winning program is open to students, ages 16 to 24, who are legal dependents of NASE members. This year, students will receive scholarships of $4,000 each. The deadline for applications is May 15, 2005.

In addition, one outstanding student will win a Future Entrepreneur scholarship worth up to $24,000. This award is the nation’s only major scholarship supporting the philosophy of entrepreneurship rather than a specific profession. The Future Entrepreneur scholarship deadline is April 25, 2005.

The good news is there is no waiting. Your dependents can apply for this scholarship program the minute you join the NASE.

The National Association for the Self-Employed is the nation’s leading resource for the self-employed and microbusinesses, bringing a broad range of benefits to help entrepreneurs succeed and to drive the continued growth of this vital segment of the American economy. For more information, visit the Web site at or call 800-232-6273.

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