Shopping online for College Gear & Supplies

College students have never had school shopping so easy. You need not go any farther than your nearest computer to get most of what you need. Keep your shopping checklist on your computer and start checking off items as you click your way to new bedding, lamps, bookshelves, clothes and more.

Shopping online is a great way to minimize your college to-do list. The Internet provides college students with great deals on all the must-have scholastic and dorm room goodies necessary for a functional yet stylish college experience. Even better: students can ship new purchases directly to a dorm room, no packing necessary. Some sites, such as Yahoo! Shopping, even offer free shipping codes-what's easier than that?

Electronics-Need a new laptop, iPod, telephone (to call home, of course!), alarm clock, TV or DVD player? Shop smart and go online to a comparison shopping site to find great deals that maximize your budget. One site that's particularly useful in allowing consumers to compare prices is Yahoo! Shopping ( Take electronics, for example. At the top of most students lists are laptop computers. As schools continue to enhance educational programs with wireless networks, interactive electronic materials and Internet curricula, a laptop is much more of a necessity than in years past.

Now comes the tricky part: How much laptop do you need, and how far will you be able to stretch your budget? Use the Yahoo! Shopping SmartSort tool to quickly find the features and prices you are searching for in a laptop. SmartSort provides a sliding scale to rank how important different product features are (such as price, compact size, brand and special features). As you move the sliding ranks, the tool instantly makes product recommendations based on your preferences. Using SmartSort and comparing prices with different vendors saves both time and money-for example, we found a savings of nearly $400 on a Sony VAIL K17 Laptop Computer.

Don't forget:

Décor for the dorm room
You've got to make that dreary 10 by 10 room livable. Sheets and pillowcases, a bedspread or comforter, blankets, a mattress pad and pillows are all staples for refining your space. Internet shopping also allows you to show your roommate what your bedding looks like-coordination is key!

Show your distinct personality on your side of the room by adding personal touches. Shopping online lets you easily find the best prices on other essential decorations, including picture frames, bulletin boards, posters, and even college gear from your future alma mater.

Oh yes, it's time to get domestic-Mom isn't around any more. Having a good laundry basket, iron and miniature ironing board, first-aid kit (aspirin, Band-Aids, Ace bandages, cold medicine, etc.) and extension cord are all important. Online shopping for these purchases gives you the freedom to shop from home and avoid waiting in long lines at super stores, not to mention hauling these purchases up crowded dorm stairs.

"Coming from a small town, it is hard to find everything I need for my dorm room. Shopping online helps me get everything I need and want," said Rachel Quinn, incoming Creighton University freshman. "I found some great deals on Yahoo! Shopping, shared pictures of what I bought with my roommate, and now I've even got less packing to do!"

Using online comparison shopping sites can make school shopping fun because it offers useful tools that help you find what you're looking for while saving you money-something every college student (and parent)-can appreciate!

The things you need for college life may be easier to get when you're smart about Internet shopping.

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