Save money on your furnace costs

You'll stay a lot more comfortable year-round if you warm up to these annual tips for keeping your furnace running efficiently. The experts at York Heating and Cooling offer these suggestions.

• Have your heating and cooling unit checked annually. Preventative maintenance is always the best idea. There are a lot of parts to a furnace and they all have to run properly to make your furnace work efficiently.

• The furnace needs to be inspected to uncover leaks in the heat exchanger, soot, rust, corroded contacts and frayed wires.

• Heat pumps and oil-fired furnaces require yearly tuneups. Manufacturers recommend having your gas-fired furnace cleaned every other year. Experts say that heat pumps, such as the Stealth Hot Heat Pump Series from York are built for years of trouble-free service that's assured by a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and a five year limited warranty on all other parts.

• Be sure the system runs through a full heating cycle to ensure that it has plenty of combustion and air and chimney draft. Contractors use Draft Gauges to check for sufficient draft. They will also test the air for carbon monoxide.

• Clean the burner and heat exchanger to remove soot that can impede smooth operation. Your best efficiency hinges on adjusting the burner flame to the right size and color, adjusting the flow of gas or changing the fuel filter in an oil-fired system. A proper check of the heat pump should include an inspection of the compressor and fan.

• While thermostats rarely fail outright, they can degrade over time as mechanical parts stick or lose their calibration. Remember, whether your thermostat is old or young, the hole where the thermostat wire comes through the wall needs to be caulked or a draft could trick it into thinking the room is warmer or colder than it really is.

To learn more about furnaces and heat pumps, visit the Web site at or call 1-800-910-YORK.

WARMING UP-Your furnace is a vital part of your home. Be sure to take good care of it.

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