How to sell your own home without brokers or real estate agents

More Americans than ever are choosing to sell their homes without the costly commission of a broker-but many first-time sellers don't always show their home to its best advantage.

To help sellers get the best value from their home, a leading resource for independent homebuyers and sellers,, recommends taking the following simple steps:

1. Give buyers a sign. Use directional signs to ensure that potential buyers can find your home. The number of turns you make is the number of signs you'll need.

2. Go for maximum curb appeal. Curb appeal is the impression buyers get when they first pull up to a home. Make sure hedges, bushes and lawn are trimmed, flowers abundant and fences look brand new.

3. Create a warm welcome at the front door. The door should have a fresh coat of paint, the welcome mat should be clean and the screen door should be in good repair.

4. Go on clutter patrol. Make your home seem as spacious as possible by taking clutter off dressers and countertops and removing oversized furniture.

5. Squeaky clean. No need to go it alone. Bring in a professional cleaning service to make sure every room is spotless. Pay extra attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Empty trashcans prior to showings and make sure clean towels are on towel rods.

6. Create a buying mood. Place fresh flowers on the kitchen table or bake cookies before prospective buyers arrive to give the home a pleasing look and aroma.

7. Let the sun shine in. Your home should be as well lit as possible. Open all drapes and window blinds, and replace any burned-out light bulbs.

8. Send Fido to the doghouse. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to be afraid of or allergic to pets. Remove all pet beds and dishes and keep pets with a neighbor or leave them outside while showing the home.

9. Showcase hidden treasures. Be sure to show off big closets, hidden storage spaces and other unique areas that might be missed.

10. Show the home by appointment only. Escort prospects as they tour your home and have guests sign a sign-in sheet before leaving. Hide or remove objects of special value and do not show your home alone or at night. is a leading no-commission marketplace, bringing buyers and sellers together online. Since 1997, the company has saved consumers billions of dollars by cutting out the middleman and giving people the freedom to sell their homes without a transaction fee.

For these and other tips, consumers can access a free eBook, containing comprehensive information for buying and selling without a broker, by visiting

Currently one in four homes is sold directly by their owners. A popular site helps connect buyers and sellers.

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