Help for Seniors Selling Their Home

A recent study by the US Census bureau revealed that, by the year 2025, the United States' senior population is expected to jump nearly 80 percent. Like people relocating for a new job, many seniors do not have the luxury of waiting for their homes to sell if they are on a list for a retirement community.

However, the Senior Advantage Real Estate Council reports that 90 percent of seniors will not put their homes on the market until they have already purchased a new one or made definite arrangements in a retirement community.

For those seeking the comfort of a a guaranteed sale before making a significant change in lifestyle, there are options.

"Since we started the ERA Sellers Security Plan in 1978, we've found that the senior community wants empowerment, options and pre-planned strategies," says John Carraher, director of relocation and business development programs, ERA Real Estate. "In many cases, seniors already have commitments to either purchase a new home or join an assisted living community. They need the assurance that their house will sell. Once they put their house on the market, they have the boxes out and are ready to move."

If a property qualfies, the Sellers Security Plan offers a simple guarantee: "We will sell your house or ERA will buy it." Created to assist sellers whose current home needs to be sold to enable their next home purchase, the program uses a five-point marketing plan to help maximize the marketability and sales potential of a home.

"An assured offer solves the contingency sale problem," adds Carraher. "If the home does not sell, ERA Real Estate will buy it. Such a guarantee goes far with seniors and helps our affiliates offer a unique service to their customers."

Sales associates agree that the program helps ease the selling process for many seniors.

"It helps them eliminate a lot of uncertainties during what is oftentimes a stressful situation," says Marc Lobdell of ERA Beaver Real Estate in Fort Myers, Florida.

To learn more about the Sellers Security Plan, visit

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