My Budget Planner

How to control your money, start saving, and set yourself free from financial worries!

Discover the simple plan that takes just 5 minutes a day
to end the frustration, anxiety and confusion about your spending, bills and savings.

Here's what My Budget Planner
will do for you:

Show you where all your money is going and provide you with an idea of your current and future financial situation both monthly and yearly.

My Budget Planner will help you keep track of everything from daily expenditures and savings accounts, to medical expenses, interest and mortgage payments, investments, insurance payments, auto maintenance, utilities usage, home improvements and even expenses on eating out and entertainment.

Help you to control your spending and pay off debt.

My Budget Planner will SHOW THE DIFFERENCE between your BUDGETED and ACTUAL amounts and REMIND you when you overspend! No product has a feature like that.

Help you save 10% or more of your income.

My Budget Planner incorporates a rule: PAY YOURSELF FIRST. It will show you how to allocate your money into savings first and then into spending. My Budget Planner will show you a PERCENTAGE of your savings FROM your INCOME (you will see if it's 10%, less or more). No product has a feature like that.

Help you create a budget as one for the whole family or for every family member separately.

You can use My Budget Planner to monitor your children's expenses (movies, pizza, computer games, etc.) Use it as a tool to teach children the value of money.

Help you manage your personal finances but still budget for the fun stuff and you enjoy your life!

You get:

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