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Portfolio Management Calculator - Portfolio Insight melds Valuation, Statistical Logic, and Risk Management techniques of the world's top investors into one simple, easy-to-use Java Interface. The model is designed to provide investors with a consistent framework for decision-making that leads to better portfolio performance and reduced risk. Full tutorial included, feel free to play around!

Paycheck Calculator - Figure out how much your paycheck should be each week, enter your income and withholdings and your taxes are figured out with your final take home pay.

Long Distance Rate Calculator - Find out how much you can save just by switching long distance companies.

Income Calculator - Figure out your income based on hourly or yearly wages, perfect for job hunting.

Compound Interest Calculator - It really does add up!

Savings Calculator - Figure out how much you can save over a period of time by entering the amount and interest level - see how much you can save just by cutting out cable or soda!

Stock Calculator - See how much you'll earn if you sell your stock.

Spreadsheet - Try creating a simple spreadsheet with our script, no need to open excel!

Math Quiz - This one's just for fun - try it with the kids!



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